Wedding Party

Praise Diolu


Nickname: Tehila

I am a Social Work student at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I love cooking, laughing, playing and looking for trouble..

I hope to practice as a social worker while I building a career in the fashion industry.

I am single.

Precious Echuaka


Nickname: Precifire/Chuchupee

I am a Business Developer, an Entrepreneur and a Minstrel.

I bring in the money and I make things happen. I am on Fire like that 😁

I am single and positioned rightly for Mr Right.

I am amiable and Precious.

Grace Atulaegwu



I am a Media Personality, Beautipreneur (Make-up Artist) and a Minstrel.

I love teaching, dancing, laughing, surfing the internet for information and reading Novels.

I also like to see movies in a Cinema, I recently tried Virtual Reality and think I'm in love with it already.

I wish I knew how to swim and had a Warm Swimming Pool because I don't like Cold Water except it's going through my mouth.

I am Single and Positioned for the RIGHT PERSON!
My Favourite Quote is 'Always wear a smile, you NEVER know who it may save' -GA.

Chioma Sam-Omattah

Maid of Honor

Errm actually, she is a Matron of Honour.
Bride's Irreplaceable twin sister.

I am a Lover of God. A community Pharmacist by Profession.

I love being that person to cheer you up when you are down.

Can go extra miles for those I love. I am very innovative and dynamic.

I am a voice of influence in this generation.
In my spare time, I love reading,watching ID channel on DSTV.

I am off the market and blessed with two adorable kids.

Favour Diolu


Nickname: Favy

Graduate of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I love singing, baking, traveling, smiling and shopping

I am single.

Miracle obiorah


Nickname: iMiraclez.

Good morning iMiraclez.

I am a student, Project Manager, Singer, and Techy Geek.

I am a Believer of Christ

I Love Reading, Researching, Meeting New People and Hanging out at the Beach.

No particular favourite food but I can eat rice in all its shades.
I also love ice creams, pizza, and chocolate.

I Love Video games, although I'm not a pro yet.

I am single

Catherine Igbinedion


Nickname: Mama Kay.

I am a clinical psychologist,supplier of cash crops, digital marketer,cook and a new covenant priest.

I love talking about Christ,cooking and watching movies (Adventures,supernatural/paranormal).

I am single and positioned to meet My King.

Mercy Uduma


Nickname: Hadassah

I'm a Food Scientist. Entrepreneur, Amazing cook.

I love to write, read and meditate. I have a disciplined imaginative/creative ability.

I am a Covenant Son of God.

I am Single and excellently positioned.

Peace Anyanwu


Nickname: Pete (Pronounced Pet-air)

I am an Engineer, a Music Minister and a Blogger.

I love to meet people, I love to sing, I love to surf the net and chat.

I am basically in love with all I do- My job and my hobbies.

I am married to an amazing man.

Mabel Uwadinma


Nickname: Fashion woman.

I am a business woman and make-up artist.

I make things happen anyday, anytime.

I am married with 3 adorable kids.

Sarah Paul


Grace Ezenwa


Nickname: Kiama

I'm a Business Administrator, caterer and events decorator.

I love traveling, swimming, singing and meeting people.

I'm single.

Tochi Ezenwa


Nickname: Tcee

I'm a paramedic, make-up artist and model.

I love traveling, making new friends and seeing movies.

Saving lives is my uptmost priority.

Progress Duruem


I am a Business Administrator and fashion designer

I loves to dance, sing, read, help people (especially the less privileged)

I ama sports lover.

I love God.

I'm single and well positioned.

Ugochi Nwachukwu-Mba


Mercy Enamidue


Nickname: Mercified.

I'm a student and a lover of Christ.

I love listening to music, dancing, writing, cooking and also loves learning new things.

My aspiration is to be an educator and a businesswoman.

Kellar Usiayo


Nickname: Kstar

I am a student of English Language at the Redeemers University.

I am an can call me a librarian...because I have a treasure full of books.

I am a minstrel and a poet.
I have the prettiest smile
I love reading
I love writing
I love smiling
I love speaking grammar using oyinbo intonation.
I love motivating people
And I love food.

I am single and joyful.

I hope to one day be a world renowned writer and speaker.❣
Poi Velasco