IT was valentine's day o, February 14th 2019.

Fine guy took me out for lunch and I enjoyed every strand of that spaghetti I ordered. I shredded the chicken like no man's business because the food tasted like home made.

After the meal, we got chatting. I must let you know I enjoy his gists. This correct guy is now my personal commedian. Oh boy, I am so lucky! Hahaha

While we were at it, Bruno Mars' "Marry You" came on the speaker. We both like the song and I wanted to sing it to him even though I didn't quite know all the lyrics.

I reached for my phone and was trying to google the lyrics when he just gently took my phone away. I reached for my phone and was saying, " I want to sing to you"; when I suddenly saw him on BOTH knees.

Oh boy! My brain had a fast reset.
Aaaaaaaghhhh, He was proposing to me with the same song I desperately wanted to sing to him.

You bet I said yes!

Sugar went on both knees, who could resist that.




Poi Velasco