Princess-Anne and Emeka

Our Story


I met this fine dude 12 years ago when I walked into a Jamb lesson. Infact, it was my younger sister who introduced us to each other.

Life happened and both families got close to the point we all (His siblings and mine) started calling each other cousins.

We ended up at the same University, the University of Nigeria Nsukka, served together at Ekiti state and where even in the same platoon at orientation camp.
It was impossible for people to tell we were not related by blood.

He was the platoon leader and my ever ready protector from the boys. (Hahahaha). He didn't know He was protecting his inheritance.

Funny enough, when we were about leaving Ekiti state as NYSC was over, He knelt for me to pray for him.

I remember asking the Lord to give him a wife that is better than me.

I guess God toured round the world and found nobody better so He just gave me to him. (Laughs).

This fine guy has been part of my life and even started Eagle's Soar conference with me back in 2007.

We were witnesses to each other's love lives over the years. I never thought he would one day be my husband.

Well this priceless day of my life called, 29th December 2018, I was away preaching somewhere when "kissing cousin" sent a text saying I had all he needed in a wife and that this "brother and sister" thing we have been doing is not profiting us. He wanted more.

I did my small shakara and eventually accepted the golden privilege to be the KING'S WIFE!

I am grateful that God did not let me miss this sugar boy in the name of kissing cousins.


We met over a decade ago at a JAMB lesson in Lagos, called Success Train.

Peace (Her younger sister) introduced her to me.

Before her arrival, Peace spoke very highly of her sister and gave us a full load of Princess' profile. She particular spoke about Princess' intense love for God.

When Princess arrived at the lesson, we became friends.

Eventually, she applied to study at University of Nigeria (which wasn't in her initial plan as she wanted to study at Abia State University.)

We both went to the Den and were admitted into different faculties.

I studied Pure and Industrial Chemistry and she studied Agricultural Science Education.

We got really close and that brought both families together.

I was particularly fond of her Mum, who graciously adopted me as her son.

Eventually, By divine arrangement, we were both posted to Ekiti state for NYSC.

We found ourselves again in the same platoon (Platoon 6) in which I was the platoon president.

At NYSC and even on campus at the University, everyone knew Princess as my Cousin.

After NYSC, I went to UNIZIK in Awka for my masters and she returned to Lagos to live her dreams.

We didn't talk often as we were both facing our various disciplines.

She often felt free discussing her relationships with me and each time, I gave her candid advice.

I really just wanted her to marry the best. She is a very good person and deserves the best. I didn't know I was that BEST.

On 29th December 2018, we talked ourselves into destiny, and I believe we were actually designed for each other.

God in His mercy and grace made us see each other as siblings, through those years, perhaps to protect this beautiful relationship He has orchestrated for us.

In his time, He brought us together and has made us one.

I am very glad I did not settle for less.

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